Toileting Support Summer Camp. Why attend?

This year, is Clear Steps Consultancy's, second year of organising the amazing Toileting Support Summer Camp. This article shares more & why attend!

As a Continence Sleep and Behaviour Consultant for over twenty five years, Charmaine has supported hundreds if not thousands of children with and without additional or complex needs, their families, schools and professionals at every step of the toileting journey. 

One in twelve children experience bladder (wee) and bowel (poo) difficulties and the likelihood of this increases when a child has a diagnosis. 

Toileting is a life skill, which we all strive for our children to achieve.

Families, nurseries and schools often raise concerns around:

  • Where do I start with toileting my child?
  • Where do I start with toileting my child with additional needs?
  • When is the "right" age to start?
  • Is my child ready?
  • How do I know if my child is ready?
  • How can I progress with toileting, its just not working?
  • What do I needs to do?

Traditional approaches, and media reports focus on a child's "age" and the "act" of toileting, focusing upon toileting readiness with the equipment needed, the potty, the seat, and the child's age etc

Although, the equipment and what is needed "is" important. What is not considered with an "age" focus are the "internal" needs of our children, the wee and poo signals, recognising and responding to signals.

Families, nurseries and schools report ongoing wee and poo difficulties in the day and night with increasing confusion about how and where to start in helping individual children in being successful with their toileting.

Many families feel "isolated" and "unsure" of where or who to turn to for help and are also unsure "what" help and support is available or even "what" to ask for.

What does this mean for the individual children?

Toileting can be delayed or even not started. Children continue to experience wee or poo difficulties, with children often being mis

understood in the long run.

How Clear Steps Consultancy is making changes?

Charmaine wanted to help through sharing, twenty five years knowledge, experience and information with families, schools and professionals.

Sharing a "new" way of thinking about toileting. Thinking less about "age" and more about "timing" and "what" to do!

Charmaine, realised that reviewing perspectives on Toileting and focusing on the "right time" for our individual children, with "support" can really help children progress and be successful with toileting.

Toileting is achievable for children with and without an additional need!

Support available at Clear Steps Consultancy is available to help at every stage of a child's toileting journey.

What is the Toileting Support Summer Camp?

The Toileting Support Summer Camp is:

Four weeks of toileting support: 

Four weeks of toileting support is shared, with "LIVE" online videos, once a week, with Charmaine, to help implement a step by step approach, problem and solution solving, answering questions and helping to keep families motivated throughout. 

Weekly Toileting Tasks:

Each week families receive toileting tasks to do within the home and are supported in helping children to progress 

Support Group:

Online Private Support Group is included, enabling families to receive further information, further support and advice, sharing ideas, meeting other families and being able to ask questions throughout the four week period

Who should attend the Toileting Support Summer Camp? 

Any families, nurseries or schools, thinking about starting toileting or looking to progress with toileting, this summer.

The Toileting Support Summer Camp is an ideal event for families and schools, looking for help and support with their child with and without a diagnosis, additional or complex needs, being an inclusive approach. It is for:

  • Families thinking or looking at starting toilet training
  • Families who have tried to start, or who have started toilet training, but its just not working and wetting or pooing accidents continue.

The step by step approach supports families in knowing exactly where to start with toileting, what is needed, how to progress and more importantly supports childrens internal needs of recognising and responding to wee and poo signals to promote success. 

Families are able to access and view LIVE information each week and at a time that is right for the individual family.

The Toileting Support Summer Camp is a fantastic "new" and "different" way of looking at toileting, in a friendly and informative, no pressure approach. 

Best of all.....its fantastic value for money!

The Toileting Support Summer Camp is available throughout June and the information can be introduced straight away, or families can gather all the information and start at another time that's right for them!

To find out more about the amazing Toileting Support Summer Camp visit the Clear Steps website: Clear Steps Consultancy, or click here: Toileting Support Summer Camp and start your child's Toileting journey this summer!  

Help and support really is available! Together we can help your child progress with toileting!  

What next:

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