Toileting Support Summer Camp

Four weeks of toileting support in August to help your child progress and be successful with toileting

Course Summary

Toileting Support Summer Camp is for families wanting to progress with their child's toileting needs before their children return to nursery, start or return to school in September. This summer camp provides: four weeks of toileting support, live weekly sessions and tasks shared to help your child progress with toileting this summer.

Lets make a difference, together, this summer!

Join the Clear Steps
Toileting Support Summer Camp

To really make a difference with your child, in a fun way!

Four weeks Toileting support
Four weeks of support, with "LIVE" videos, once a week, with Charmaine to help you problem solve, answer any questions you may have and keep you motivated

Weekly Toileting Tasks

Each week you will recieve Toileting tasks
to do within your home,
to help your child progress

Support Group
Join our Private Facebook group to receive support and advice and an opportunity to share ideas

Course Curriculum

Charmaine Champ

Welcome to Clear Steps Consultancy.

As a Continence Sleep and Behaviour Consultant with over twenty-five years qualified experience, Charmaine understands what it means to take the first steps in seeking and needing help, advice and further information. Charmaine developed Clear Steps Consultancy to support individual Children, young people, with and with out a diagnosis, internationally. Clear Steps Consultancy enables families, carers, nurseries, schools, charities, organisations and professionals to access proven, focused, research with experience and quality help, care, training and support.

Having a Registered Nurse in learning Disabilities (RNLD Diploma in Health and Social Worker) and a BSc (Hons) Community Nurse Specialist Practice Degree background and experience of working in clinics, schools, charities, NHS settings, family homes and organizations, Charmaine ensures children, young people and their families are always at the core of all support approaches.

Clear Steps Consultancy provides step by step support approaches for individuals to progress through:

. Continence

. Behaviour

. Sleep

The individual approaches available incorporate physical health needs, alternative communication, sensory needs, dietetic advice, environment, incentives and motivators, enabling more than one need to be explored, to truly understand what the underlying need is, what the child is experiencing, the reason for the difficulties and how to help them as an individual, their family and the team of support around them in moving forward and progressing.

The support approaches available at Clear Steps Consultancy include courses, webinars, groups, published books, starter package's and Solution Consultancy Direct Assessment Packages of Care.

To clarify and confirm the best support approach for you as a family, organisation, feel free to contact Charmaine via:

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Course Pricing

  • Toileting Support Summer Camp
  • £40

    Toileting Support

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  • Four weeks of evidence based, Toileting Support
  • LIVE videos with Charmaine once a week
  • Weekly Toileting Tasks shared
  • Private Support Group